Some of the more common products we manufacture on-site are listed below.  If you require something that is not listed please contact us as we also have access to a variety of additional products from our suppliers.


All our crushed stone materials are manufactured on site and consist of quarried material.

GRANULAR ‘A’ - often used as hard surface for gravel roads or driveways and to make concrete

GRANULAR ‘B’ TYPE II (2” MINUS) - base preparation for roads, drives, parking lots, asphalt, etc.

RIP RAP (6” OR 12” CLEAR) - for use in erosion control, bank stabilization, drainage and cribbing

1 – 1 ¼” CLEAR STONE - for drainage, field beds, weeping tile, decorative stone for flower beds

6” MINUS - for use as base for roads or parking lots

GREY CRUSHER DUST (FINES) - for use under interlocking or patio stones

OVERSIZED BOULDERS - used in retaining walls, barriers, decorative and landscaping applications

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GRANULAR ‘B’ TYPE I - driveways, to level areas, any general use

FOUNDATION SAND - general use, for use around foundations

BEACH SAND - for use in playground and beach areas

SAND FILL - general use, mantle sand

TOPSOIL - SCREENED/UNSCREENED - lawn applications, flower beds

GARDEN MIX (MIXTURE OF TOPSOIL, SAND, MANURE) - used in vegetable and flower gardens

CLAY - general use

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PINK GRANULAR ‘A’ - same application uses as granular ‘A’ just color preference

PINK CRUSHER DUST (FINES) - same application uses as grey – just color preference

FILTER SAND - for use in septic systems

MORTAR SAND - for use in masonry applications

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